EROS Classic Silicone Bodyglide 250ml

Do you already know Classic Silicone Bodyglide from EROS? Its unique formula guarantees pure gliding pleasure and extremely long lasting glide in the intimate handling without drying out! With the proven formula for 100% silicone quality, EROS creates exciting erotic moments. The EROS Bodyglide Super Concentrated Lubricant retro product, this product is exactly what you're looking for! This unique Classic Silicone Bodyglide provides more suppleness, is very well tolerated and leaves a pleasant and silky soft skin feeling, guaranteeing even more erotic pleasure with a top quality product! CHARACTERISTICS: dermatologically tested particularly economical in use suitable for use with latex condoms does not stick and does not dry out contains no preservatives neutral taste color and odorless extremely long lasting lubrication oil and perfume free with CE marking allowed as a medical appliance
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