Hinged Ballstretcher 42 mm

This hinged ballstretcher has a secure hinge, the ring locks around the top of the testicles stretching and weighing them or use it as a cockring. The ring stops the testicles from rising at the point of ejaculation, enhancing and delaying your pleasure for an even longer period of time. Lock the hinged ballstretcher into place on the scrotum or penis with the added hex key, this hinged ring is impossible to open without it! A brilliant starter for those who want to try ball stretching or a must have for any CB chastity fan. This hinged ballstretcher has a width of 42 mm, inner diameter of 35 mm, weights 640 grams and is 14 mm thick. The hinged ballstretcher from Kiotos is made of 100% Stainless Steel, one of the highest quality of Steel products available today. For cleaning this steel hinged cockring we suggest a good quality toy cleaner.
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